Druid on Linux VM on Windows PC

Does anyone recommend a particular Linux VM (VMware, VirtualBox, etc.) and Linux distribution (Ubuntu, CentOS, etc.) for running Druid (and PyDruid) on a Windows PC (Windows 7 Enterprise or Windows 10)?

Are any setups better tested and more reliable than others?

Thanks a lot,


I have been running VirtualBox on a Windows 10 PC with CentOS 7 VM(8 Core/32 gb). This is just for my local testing.

Have not had much problems.

Not a direct answer to your question, but: I usually use Ubuntu with the latest JDK 8 when running on EC2. I’m on a Mac so if I run locally I usually just run Druid on the base OS, but sometimes I use VirtualBox and that has worked well. So based on that I’d guess that VirtualBox + Ubuntu + JDK8 should work fine on Windows.