Druid production deployment


Wanted to know how people in this forum are deploying druid for production environments? I was trying to use docker-druid image and ran into couple of issues. wondering what’s the best way to use druid in production from:

  1. docker-druid

  2. using druid distribution

  3. Imply distibution

  4. Imply docker image



We are using ansible to deploy it. There is a good repo with an Druid ansible deployment called onaio druid, it’s in ansible galaxy. The code deploys Druid in different machine using the Druid processes in the Druid folder, and setting up system services for each of the Druid nodes, have a look https://github.com/onaio/ansible-druid

We build internal docker images with layers of:

busybox --> java --> druid jars --> druid configs

using tags of the commit hash that went into building the image.

And deploy with either Helm (k8s) or Marathon (mesos) depending on which cluster the release is going into.