Druid Query create a relative type of query something like sub query in mysql

Hi, We are using **druid 0.9.2 **and face some problems in building a Query.
Let me try to clear requirement.

Let suppose we save two dimensions col1 and col2 . Let suppose col1 value is **abcd. **So we need to find all those counts whose col1 = abcd and after 10 days col2 value is product1 .

Let me try to elaborate .

****So from this example we will get only 4th row as output. We need to make such type of Query .

Please let us know if currently such type of query does not support by Druid


Abhay Garg

I am curious how would you express this in SQL ?

select d1.* from demo d1 inner join demo d2 on d1.col2 = d2.col2 where datediff(d1.date,d2.date) >= 10;