Druid schema for time series data


I’m new to Druid and have been struggling to create a schema that works for my data. We have collectd running on a bunch of servers and the idea is to have druid ingest this data so that we can visualise it using pivot or some other tool.

I have a small proxy that does the job of receiving data from all the collectd instances and writing to druid so that part is taken care of. The schema I have is basically a bunch of dimensions and then metrics. Now, collectd sends different metrics depending on the server and this is where I’m stuck. Can I have a metric spec where I can ingest all metrics named, say, collectd.* or do I have to create different schemas for each kind of data that collectd sends? The latter is going to be difficult since users change collectd plugins and they start sending different metrics when they wish.

I hope I was able to explain the problem. Not a native english speaker, so please be kind :slight_smile: