Druid select query pagination results

Hi Guys,
I am using druid 0.9.2 and using select query to fetch data from druid and using pagingIdentifiers for pagination. Currently the way its implemented as follows.

  1. Set fromNext to false for every query
  2. Incrementing pagingIdentifiers found response by 1 and appending pagingIdentifiers from the request. For example, if the request contains
    “pagingId1” : 1,
    “pagingId2” : 2
    } and the response has
    “pagingId2” : 10,
    “pagingId3” : 3
    then the pagingidentifiers in the next request would be
    “pagingId1” : 1, (we are not incrementing but passing the requested pagingIdentifiers in the next request)
    “pagingId2” : 11,
    “pagingId3” : 4

The total number of metrics returned kept changing based on the page size. Please let me know if I am missing something.