Druid Service Port Summary?

I am in the process of configuring firewall access ports and was wondering if there was a summary page of what services are on what ports.

Specifically I am using Tranquility to send event streams to Druid and was wondering what ports it needs access to on the Druid server. My best guess is port 2181 for Zookeeper and ports 8100-8199 for Druid Peons.

I found the following in relation to Peon ports.

Is there any Druid summary page outlining default service ports?

Something like the following which I found on imply, would be nice.


The ports in druid itself are set by the druid.port property. So the real answer is that the druid ports use whatever you tell them to use.

But it would be handy to have defaults listed in a more sane format, and what properties you need to set to change them.

Note there’s a bug relating to the peons where they use more ports than they should : https://github.com/druid-io/druid/issues/2545 the fix is coming in 0.9.0