Druid sql vs Druid Native queries

Hi Experts,
We are going through some of the usecases and wanted to decide whether to use Druid sql vs Druid JSON over HTTP . Is there any functionality currently know not supported in Druid sql?

Is there any document or article around that ?

Thanks in advance

I would recommend using Druid SQL and also to use Druid v 0.15.0 (the latest version). A lot of SQL functionality and enhancements have been added in this release. And as of this release SQL is no more an experimental feature, it has graduated out of it.

Fore more info please see the release notes link and the blog from our founder about the same



If you have to take a look at the feature request currently open for SQL, please take a look at the below link


Hope this helps.

Thanks Muthu.
Currently we are using 0.13 version of Druid. Is there a major difference apart from being experimental?

So currently the sql enhancement list you provided is it supported currently in native queries?

Thanks in advance

Here currently meaning in 0.13 version.

There are lots of SQL enhancements and features are added in 0.14.0 and 0.15.0 versions.

So please upgrade to 0.15.0 to make full use of the SQL feature. For your reference you can see the release notes of 0.14.0 and 0.15.0 for more details



“So currently the sql enhancement list you provided is it supported currently in native queries?” - SQL features added can only do what native queries can. So all this are in native queries.