Druid static-s3 configuration issue

Hi ,

With below ioConfig I am getting error {“error”:“Could not resolve type id ‘static-s3’ into a subtype of [simple type, class io.druid.data.input.FirehoseFactory]\n at [Source: HttpInputOverHTTP@38405bd9; line: 1, column: 101]”}

“ioConfig” : {

  "type" : "index",



     "uris": ["s3://tests3_bucket/test_druid/time_transform_data.tsv"]



Can someone let me know if I am missing some configuration here, I added s3-extension to druid. The version of druid is druid-



I’ve got same issue

You probably need to load the “druid-s3-extensions” extension (add it to the extension list in the config).

Mmh, I did turn “druid-s3-extensions” on and the logs show that the module was loaded :open_mouth:

Perhaps make sure the extension version matches your Druid version. Or try again with the latest version of Druid. This should work in, but it’s pretty old, so you might as well update :slight_smile: