Druid tasks tables are not getting created

Hello Community,

Version: 0.22.1
Metadata Storage: Postgres

We are trying to deploy druid cluster. Inside documentation it was mentioned saying all tables related to druid are automatically created inside postgres. Just wanted to understand tasks tables are also created during the deployment? Or they are only created once ingestion is started?

In either case tasks tables are not getting i.e druid_tasklocks, druid_tasklogs and druid_tasks. We even checked coordinator logs and they was no trace of it attempting to create those tables.

Can anyone please help us here to understand the problem?

Note: All other tables are getting created except this.

I am not able to understand the problem. Are you saying that ingestion is failing? If so, can you paste the relevant logs?

Hello Vijeth,

No ingestion is fine. My questions was more towards creation of druid tables during installation. In druid documentation we see that druid creates this table’s by default. Somehow in my case all other tables are getting created except tasks tables.

Hi @bharathkuppala. Have you checked the Task APIs?

Hello Mark,

I will check this and get back. Thanks for the input

Hey @bharathkuppala ! I’m intruiged – did these tables get created in the end? I am wondering if something has changed in the code and the docs need updating … or something…

Hello @petermarshallio, Yes tables are created now. Once we add this druid.indexer.storage.type=metadata to our cluster setup it started creating those missing tables.

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Aha! Cool. Hope it’s working well!