Druid Theta Sketch estimates are wrong when computing sketches in Spark

upgrading sketches-core should do

Thank you so much for the detailed steps to reproduce, I will try to have a look at this soon!

Hey I used sketches-core-0.13.4 in my Spark Applications as well replaced sketches-core jar with this version in druid extensions folder and I was able to get the correct results. Thanks for helping out.

Glad it works! I’ll update the ticket in github to link to this thread.

When I suggested trying 0.15.0-incubating-rc2 I assumed (incorrectly) that the second part of the fix (skeches-core-0.13.4) was a part of it. Now I see that I was wrong, and this fix is scheduled to appear in 0.16.0

Hey Clint,

WIll this fix be available in Imply 3.0 or in any upcoming version of Imply?