Druid Unified Web console view

Hello All,

I was going through a video where I found that we have option to load data from web console and other useful like as shown below.

Let me know how to enable it.

Thanks for the help and support.


Hey Andriod,

I think as a community we are all very excited about the new data loader!! I believe that this is still in development and review before it gets pushed to a testable Druid build. I believe the goal is to get this in the next major build on Druid. I believe it is being tracked here - https://github.com/apache/incubator-druid/issues/7502

Hi Andriod,

I wanted to chime in here. I made that video. I made it to show off this PR https://github.com/apache/incubator-druid/pull/7643 I wanted to preview the functionality for the reviewers.

The plan is that the batch data loader will be part of Druid 0.15.0 that is feature frozen right now (the streaming data loader did not make the cut).

Now that the PR (above) was merged this functionality will definitely be in Druid 0.16.0.

It will also be available as part of Druid 0.15.0-iap which is the Druid version that will ship with the next version of Imply.

Hope this demystifies that video a bit :slight_smile:

I am very excited about the data loader!

Best regards,