Druid unparseable events

Hello team,

Is there any way to get all the unparseable events or errors in some common place (inside Kafka topic).

I have done these steps:

  1. Set “logParseExceptions” : true , by which I am able to get all the unparseable events from the task status report. But need to track all the tasks.
  2. Used Kafka emitter but only metrics are exported not the error logs / unparseable events

But can these stats be found in the database part or from consolidated logs instead of going through each and every task.


Ahhh… so yes this API call would be for each task, so you would not get a “single list” of all the events?

I’ll keep my ears open and see if anyone mentions thing in the forums…

Good afternoon!

Discussion is ongoing … I have been speaking to others! Yes it does look like there’s not currently a single place to collate them… many people I’ve spoken to though think it would be a good idea…! Maybe it should be put as a feature request?