Druid upgrade from 0.18.1 to 0.20.0


I’m new to druid and would like to upgrade from version to latest. Please let me the procedure or step by step to upgrade the version.



I have installed druid 0.20.0 and moved the conf folder of druid 0.18.1 to 0.20.0.
Druid is up and working fine but it’s like a fresh druid without datasource and other information.Can someone please help me out on a Druid upgrade.
Please let me know the step by step procedure to upgrade.

Thanks in advance

Have you seen these docs?

Hi Rachel Pedreschi,

Thank you for being so helpful!. I have gone through the link but that doesn’t specify the steps that need to be followed in order to upgrade.(correct me if my im wrong)

I understand that we need to upgrade the system in the below mentioned order ,As I mentioned earlier that I’m new to Druid and stuck up with the procedure. So it would be really helpful if you could guide me on this.

  1. Historical

  2. *Overlord (if any)

  3. *Middle Manager/Indexers (if any)

  4. Standalone Real-time (if any)

  5. Broker

  6. Coordinator ( or merged Coordinator+Overlord )

The steps that I followed :

  1. Downloaded the latest Druid version (0.20.0)

  2. Moved the CONF folder of Druid 0.18.1 to 0.20.0

  3. Started the Druid by executing the cmd ./bin/start-micro-quickstart

  4. The Data Sources that are available in druid 0.18.1 are not showing in version 0.20.0.

Please let me know where I’m making mistakes or wrong steps to upgrade the Druid.

Note: Currently I’m having single machine, once this is success then I have apply the same to multiple machine



Did you also copy the /var folder? I believe that’s where the metadata database and all your segments are being held in quickstart…

How did you get on? Is it all working OK?

Hi Peter,

Sorry I was on vacation and couldn’t update you on time.

Everything worked as expected. Thanks for the support


Awesome :slight_smile: No worries. :slight_smile: