[druid-user] Adding Endpoints By Extension

Is it possible for extensions to add new endpoints to Druid, or do you need to modify core for that? I’m looking at adding a couple of endpoints to support some infrastructure requirements of ours and I’m not sure if it’s possible within an extension, it’s not mentioned in the docs for extensions that I could see, at least.

I think so. This is sparse but here’s a reference in the Authentication and Authorization doc:

enabling this option may reveal information about server configuration, including information about what extensions are loaded (if those extensions add endpoints)

(Sorry about the dupe, Mark. Still getting used to Google Groups.)
I was able to find references to defining a new endpoint in the pac4j core extension, though I wasn’t able to recreate it. Not sure if I was just doing something wrong or if core extensions are treated with some different permissions, somehow.

No worries!

It might have to do with the versioning strategy, but I’m by no means certain. Have you had a chance to read this?

one more example, you inject the custom Jersey Resource classes while configuring your module.


Thank you

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