[druid-user] Analytical Queries in Druid


I am trying to implement some analytical time series queries on Druid, the queries are:

  • znormalization
  • weighted average (most recent data has more weight)
  • anomaly detection
  • forecasting
    Are these queries available on Druid? If not, I currently have these queries written in SQL (PostgresSQL syntax). Is there a way to do the transition from Postgres SQL to Druid?


Hi Abdel,

There is no direct postgreSQL to Druid SQL translation tool. But it would be interesting to see postgres SQL so that the community can provide ideas on how to do this in Druid.

Here’s what I’ve found somewhat related to the functions you are looking for:

I’m pretty sure that someone posted how to do a weighted average on Druid, but I can’t seem to find it now.
I believe it was done with javascript, here’s some info on that: Post-aggregations · Apache Druid

Hi Abdel,

I also found this video on Anomaly Detection with Druid which I think you will find useful.

Thanks Sergio!