[druid-user] apache druid api connection

hi there,

i need a quickstart tipp please according using api access to coinmarketcap.

i would like to track btc course data and visualize it afterwards.

thanks a lot for you support and best regards,


Hi Thomas,
I’m not clear on what you are asking for.
Are you trying to ingest the data? Is it real-time data? Do you have it on a stream like kafka or kinesis?
Here is a tutorial on that using open source Apache Druid:

Also, an easy way to get started with Druid is to use Imply Polaris where you can use pull or push APIs to ingest data from a stream and it has integrated visualization tools to create interactive dashboards:

Signup for Polaris: Imply Polaris - Sign up

Push API: Push event data by API ·
Ingest from Kafka: Ingest events with the Kafka Connector for Imply Polaris ·
Visualizations: Visualize data ·