[druid-user] Could druid consume kafka stream serilized in JDK11?

I didn’t test this yet, however, I knew druid only supports jdk8, would this be a problem?

There was a recent discussion about JDK support in the dedicated Apache Druid workspace. Have you been invited?


Here’s the relevant language regarding Druid 0.23:

  • Now that we have a new release, perhaps we can think about our Java support. Java 8 is still the recommended version, but Java 8 is reaching end-of-life. Oracle. Open JDK. What do we think about moving to the current versions: Java 11 and Java 17?
  • In this latest release we’ve updated the launch scripts and docs to all say Java 8 and 11 are both supported

Mark: do you mean JDK11 could be supported?
I didn’t see it in release notes here: Release Druid 0.23.0 · apache/druid · GitHub

Mark, I did see ./bin/verify-java in 0.23 supports jdk11 now, but there is no doc mentioned it.