[druid-user] could event data be sent to a druid endpoint for ingestion through http mode?

what I saw is we have to give druid a http point
in format of “http://example.com/path/to/file1” in order to fetch ingestion data?

Ooh I don’t know if my last message went through…!!

I had written that “Tranquility” used to be a route you could use – ie your system would write directly into Druid via Tranquility. HOwever, I’ve not heard people really recommend that recently – it wasn’t always the best from what I understand.

For individual rows – ie, streaming – I hear more often that people will do something like write into Kafka, and then get Druid to read out of Kafka.
For batches there are lots of options to ingest from Druid – Native batch ingestion · Apache Druid - you submit a job to an API that just tells Druid what data to ingest.

I hope that’s helpful?

Thank you peter, I believe Druid naturally does not like the single druid endpoint to inject a single event mode, because the ingestion task is supposed to process multiple events through batch or streaming mode.