[druid-user] Don't miss Druid Summit On the Road!

Hi everyone,

We still have a number of Druid Summit on-the-road events coming up and you’re all welcome to attend! The events are free, and feature a good mix of talks from the community along with insights on where Druid is going + practical training.

If you’re planning on attending, please register for an in-person event below:

Bengaluru, Sept. 6-7: https://druidsummit.org/events/druid-summit-bangalore-2022/

Berlin, Sept. 8: https://druidsummit.org/events/druid-summit-berlin-2022/

Singapore, Sept. 9: https://druidsummit.org/events/druid-summit-singapore-2022/

San Francisco, Sept. 14: https://druidsummit.org/events/druid-summit-san-francisco-bay-area-2022/

London, Sept. 15: https://druidsummit.org/events/druid-summit-london-2022/

Paris, Sept. 29: https://druidsummit.org/events/druid-summit-paris-2022/

Seoul, Oct. 20: https://druidsummit.org/events/druid-summit-seoul-2022/

Tel Aviv, Oct. 27: https://druidsummit.org/events/druid-summit-tel-aviv-2022/

We hope to see you!