[druid-user] Druid creating directories on local /tmp

Hi All,

I have a cluster with HDP and Druid 0.12.1.
We noticed that druid is creating directories on local /tmp

drwxr-xr-x 2 druid druid 4096 Jun 28 11:14 /tmp/1656440097857-0

There is a request to create these directories in another location than /tmp.

I have tried setting below properties, but no luck so far>



What property should I change/add in order to change these directories locations ?
I have other cluster with druid and I am not seeing same behavior, why this directories are getting created with no data on it ?




It might be a JVM issue?

I have other cluster with druid and I am not seeing same behavior?

I apologize for not asking this first: are the two clusters configured identically?

Hi Mark,

the cluster is smaller but with same configuration and version 0.12.1
I thought that by setting below properties, it will change the java.io.tmpdir.



I will set it directly on the JVM as per your recommendation.

Many thanks


Hi Caio,

Thanks for the added details. Please let us know how it goes!