[druid-user] Druid Interview Questions


I just wanted to let you know that the mailing list you reached is
about a technical project that was named after a character class in
games (like D&D or World of Warcraft). I don't think you will get
meaningful answers to your questions, so you might look for other
lists to send your request to as well.



  1. What is the primary goal of Druidism?

unknown, there is a common effort to discover it

  1. How is that goal achieved? (Through prayer, undertaking tasks, other)

you got it, lots of prayers, cores, ram,TB and sometimes luck

  1. What are the spaces like where worship occurs?

we are gathering usually in aws

  1. In your opinion, how should this space make a believer feel?


  1. What suggestions would you have for the design of such a worship space?

imagine a stream of fire which coils round the black hole

Feel free to add anything!!!

RUN, while you still can