[druid-user] druid multiple master configuration:

does each master node does not need to know other master nodes?

I didn’t see master configuration include the peer information?
does master(overloader + coordinator) know its peer through zookeeper?

For my own clarification, could you please explain what you mean by other master nodes? As a reference point, if you look at the docs, Druid deployments can be organized into three server types: Master, Query, and Data. Are you thinking about multiple Druid deployments with multiple Masters which would need to communicate with each other? Or maybe something like a production cluster and a disaster recovery cluster?

Ellen, you are referring to leader election of Overlord and Coordinator? Yes, it’s through ZK.

does this mean I can always add any # of master node independently as long as I give out ZK and meta storage information?

You can add more Overlord/Coordinator but the code will only elect one leader.