[druid-user] Druid Summit on-the-road: coming to a city near you!

Hi all! In case you hadn’t heard, we have several Druid Summit events coming up and we’d love for you to speak or attend! This event series is happening in-person. As always, Druid Summit events are free to attend (and yes, there will be special swag!).

Seattle: July 21 (register here: https://druidsummit.org/events/druid-summit-seattle-2022/)

Los Angeles: Aug 10 (register here: https://druidsummit.org/events/druid-summit-los-angeles-2022/)

New York City: Aug 23 (register here: https://druidsummit.org/events/druid-summit-new-york-city-2022/)

Atlanta: Aug 30 (register here: https://druidsummit.org/events/druid-summit-atlanta-2022/)

Bengaluru: Sept 6-7 (register here: https://druidsummit.org/events/druid-summit-bangalore-2022/)

Singapore: Sept 9 (register here: https://druidsummit.org/events/druid-summit-singapore-2022/)

SF Bay Area: Sept 14 (register here: https://druidsummit.org/events/druid-summit-san-francisco-bay-area-2022/)

China (virtual): Sept 15 (register here: https://druidsummit.org/events/druid-summit-china-2022/)

Seoul: Oct 20 (register here: https://druidsummit.org/events/druid-summit-seoul-2022/)

More dates to be announced soon for Paris, Tel Aviv, London, and Berlin!

Interested in speaking? We want to hear about your use case! Head to the call for papers form and submit your abstract today. We’re hoping to finalize the agenda for the U.S. events by 7/29, so please get those abstracts in ASAP! Here’s the link: https://bit.ly/DruidSummitOnTheRoad


Awesome! Planning to be there in London and Paris – I believe I’ll be running Druid Basics training. And if I can make it to Berlin, I will!!