[druid-user] Error: Failed to sample data

Hi all,

Druid noob here.

While attempting to load data from kafka, I get the following error during “Parse data” when I click “Auto add flatten specs”.

Error: Failed to sample data: Path must not end with a ‘.’ or ‘…’

I am using the micro-quickstart.

What is “Path” in this context?

This has worked previously without issue. The only change since then is the addition of several new columns.



Hey Floyd!

No noobs, just gonna-be-Druids :smiley:

This part of the docs may help you:

In the console, check the ingestion spec (very last step) and find the flattenspec section to see what the console has created for you. I suspect you’ll be able to see the issue, or at least be able to check the validity of the flattenspec section.

Thanks Peter, that was helpful.

Looks like I was sending an empty key with an empty value.

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Cool :slight_smile:

Don’t suppose you could paste the before and after? It’d be cool to see what was happening specifically…