[druid-user] HadoopDruidIndexer (Druid 0.7.0) with CDH 5.3.2 : Getting errors

Hi Jaebin,

can you paste the stack trace from the mapper/reducer as well, that will have more details on the failure.

I believe its resolved by discussion in another thread - https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#label/druid-user/14c1570839919b25

Hi Nishant,
I am getting the same error wrt some conflict in guava library. clicking on the link for another thread you pasted doesnt work for me.

Can you kindly point which thread you are referring to? Perhaps forward me relevant messages from there?



I believe the link Nishant was referring to is this one:

Hi Nishant,

Yes. the link Fangjin refered below is the thread I resolved the issue.

Initially I posted the topic but removed that later and re-posted the same one, which I guess caused some confusion. I’m sorry about that.

See my resolution in the link. In short, I had to recompile druid with different version of jackson jar.


Well, My issue seems to be a bit different. I started a separate thread.
Thanks for your help.