[druid-user] How to learn druid code

Hi Druid,
How to learn druid code,is there any docs or guide?
i want to know from the basic segment to the service,but i have no idea where to begin.


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another question

when I run the code org.apache.druid.segment.SegmentUtilsTest#testVersionBin from the source 0.22.1(git clone from github)
public void testVersionBin() throws Exception
File dir = tempFolder.newFolder();
FileUtils.writeByteArrayToFile(new File(dir, “version.bin”), Ints.toByteArray(9));
Assert.assertEquals(9, SegmentUtils.getVersionFromDir(dir));

error occur:
java: package org.apache.druid.math.expr.antlr does not exist

i do not edit any code ,why the package antlr missing?

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There are docs, several tutorials, Druid University, and there are community members in the Apache Druid Slack Workspace who build Druid from source. I’ve taken the liberty of inviting you into that workspace.

Does this help get you started on your journey?



Developing on Apache Druid · Apache Druid should also be helpful, and I assume you’ve seen this: Build from source · Apache Druid

You are likely misconfigured your development environment. Make sure your JAVA_HOME is configured correctly and make sure the language server inside your IDE is running correctly.