[druid-user] kafka ingestion, how to add encryption and decryption?

kafka ingestion, how to add encryption and decryption?
anyone has the experience? Thanks!

I came across this discussion from last year in the ASF channel. The OP needed:

to import SSL certificates (Root CA and Sub CA) for a remote kafka cluster that uses a private CA. Any ideas on how SSL certs can be imported into Druid?

The recommendation was to pass consumer properties like ssl.truststore.location, along with this reference.

Does any of that help?

Thank you for help.
My question is actually could I find an existing, stable, popular SerDe like this?
my kafka producer side can use it serialize it, and then I can easily config it on druid kafka consumer side to decrypt it.
currently, druid’s UI does take file as kafka parameter for certs encr/decr, this means if i use a cert in this process, those certs have to be deployed in every ingestion node(per my understanding). this is another challenge.


how imply do differently from druid on kafka ingestion which has to deal with encryption?