[druid-user] migration from local deep storage to S3


I am trying to migrate from local deep storage to S3. I have tried the help page however it only helps the migration if metadata is stored in derby DB. can someone help me with steps about how to do the migration when the segments metadata is stored in mariadb and actual segments are stored in local deep storage. I am running druid-cluster on k8s.


Sorry for the long delay in replying, but several of us have been offsite.

This is a publicly available resource published by Imply (my employer):

It is several years old, but perhaps it could serve as a starting point? Let us know.



Hi adnanitdev,

You mentioned local storage, do you mean that druid.storage.type=local?
Or did you mean Deep Storage using HDFS?
Are you keeping the segments in the same deep storage location?

The instructions on that page for exporting and importing metadata include MySQL which should be very similar to MariaDB.

Hope this helps,