[druid-user] Need sample ingestion spec to load S3 data

Hi All,

looking for sample ingestion spec(.json) file to load S3 data into druid

my requirement

source → S3

Deep store → Local

s3 bucket is protected with access key ,secret key and session token

I Tried all the option it is not working for me . if anyone already worked on this , pls help me with ingestion spec doc.

Hassain K

Take a look at this section of the docs: Native batch input sources · Apache Druid
In the “inputSource” of the “ioConfig” section you can specify the:
“properties”: { “accessKeyId”: “KLJ78979SDFdS2”, “secretAccessKey”: “KLS89s98sKJHKJKJH8721lljkd” }
You may also need to specify the “endpointConfig” (also in the docs referenced above) if you are not using the s3 for deep storage.

Let us know how it goes.