[druid-user] p95 as separate metric


We are collecting around 200k events per second with a cardinality around 1 million and we have queryGranularity set to 6 hours to roll up incoming data down to 1 point per 6 hours in the end.

I was trying to investigate how I can add ability to get 95th percentile on one of metrics that we collect. The only way right now that I found was to use data sketches and add extra metric with type of quantileDoubleSketch (lets name it qds). Since I am only interested in p95 it is an overkill to store the entire qds some sort of hash string that allows me to get any percentile value out of it.

Is there a way to calculate and store p95 as a separate numeric metric instead of having quantileDoubleSketch type of metric?

Without qds segments take around 400Mb per day and with qds they take almost 40Gb per day which is not optimal at all.

Thank you!