[druid-user] Querying historical gives empty results

Hey Saksham,

This is normal behavior, in that when you query for intervals, Druid query nodes only return data for intervals where they have a complete dataset. That’s why you do get results back when there’s only a single segment per segmentGranularity – it’s a complete set all by itself.

I wanted to do performance testing on historical nodes.

Is there any way that I could change the behavior so that historical node returns results for whatever segments it has for the specified interval?

I want to put load on a particular historical node and check its response time.

I can’t think of a good reason why this isn’t the default behavior. The current behavior is useful for brokers (we don’t want incomplete segment sets to be served) but I don’t think it’s useful for historical nodes.

Could you please raise a github issue for this?

I don’t think there’s a config for this, but you could adjust it by hacking on ServerManager. Changing “timeline.lookup” to “timeline.lookupWithIncompletePartitions” on L276 might be enough.