[druid-user] Re: Array create rollup aggregator

ohhh interesting… hmmm… You mean like:


10:01, beans, chocolate, 9, 1
10:30, beans, chocolate, 4, 2
10:45, eggs, waffles, 4, 3
10:48, eggs, waffles, 6, 4

Would produce:

10:00, beans, chocolate, 13, [1,2]
10:00, eggs, waffles, 10, [3,4]


I suspect you might need to write your own custom aggregator:

You could email the dev-list if you would like to ask other Druid devs for assistance on that front…

  • pete

(That’s an interesting data lineage aggregator btw - it might be useful for other people as well… may be worth asking in the Druid Slack channel as well just in case someone has already solved it, or would help you write it :smiley: )