[druid-user] Re: Druid Ingestion Job failed with no error

Hello Thanks for responding. See my response in bold.

Are you trying to ingest any of those files ?

Yes. Even tried with less extensions still no luck.

On Print Screens when i click to Logs tab it shows nothing it is blank.

Hi Pushkar,

As per your screenshot, it seems that you are running a Kafka indexing job, and the task keeps on failing. Also, It seems like a brand new cluster - You may try the following approach to make the debugging easier -

1. Make sure the basic components are running with correct versions ( especially- java and Zookeeper) - I have seen segment load issues if the java version is incorrect based on what’s recommended in druid docs.
2. Try standards ingest- Wikipedia tutorial 1st ( batch ingest): This is just to make sure your basic configurations are correct and at least you can ingest/query the data, You can follow the below tutorial :
3. If step (2) goes all well - You can try to look at the KIS ingestions.

If step2 fails - And you don’t see anything in the task log ( which is weird) - You would grep the task_id in overlord log and then middle manager logs based on what you see in overlord - you must find some interesting details their to debug it further.

Debugging Step (2) - Note the “Task_Id” > Look at the “Indexing task log” if there nothing (or nothing informative) > Look for the task_id in the overlord log ( overlord schedule this task to middle managers - so you must see a lot of good details here ) and accordingly you can look at the MM logs if you find its worth to look at based on overlord log analysis.

The same is applicable while debugging step(3) also - This should give some direction to look at .

Thanks and Regards,

Adding to Vaibhav’s response that each ingestion task (Middle Manager Task) starts creating logs in a local directory of the middleManager (or indexer) before they get written to your druid.indexer.logs location - this temporary log file location is {druid.indexer.task.baseTaskDir}/{taskId}/log . You could check there also?