[druid-user] Re: Monitoring Druid's performance (metrics) with Kafka?

Looks like it’s the same as this?

I’m not sure Avinoam but maybe you’re using “druid” as your target topic name and this may be reserved perhaps???

Let me know as I will ask around if that’s not the case :slight_smile:

My understanding also - though I’ve never set that up myself…

Did what you did work?

So I belieeeeeve the flow is:

Druid Metrics Emitter --> Kafka --> Druid Ingestion Supervisor

If you have the emitter configured, sending to a Kafka topic, check with the console consumer that there are messages in there.

Then if there are, maybe just use the Console “Load Data” page to connect to the same topic from inside Druid using the wizard.

These two should at least isolate if it’s a Druid-to-Kafka issue or a Druid Emitter-to-Kafka issue.