[druid-user] Re: No Segments created - Kafka Indexing Service

Hi Jonathan

First of all, thanks for your response. I attempted to redo some of the changes you asked me to. I have cleansed the future timestamp data + removed the DEBUG log.

I have initiated a new task now on the real time kafka indexing task. The task was running fine for few days until I changed the cluster/resources yesterday.

The problem is similar to what has been cited in this mail thread. Once the MM stopped for few hours and reconnected to recover from the previous start, it failed to create the segments. There are no exceptions or anything deviating in the overlord and the coordinator.

It is worth to note that these tasks use AWS EFS as the tmp segment directory where all the indexing task logs, intermediate persist are stored.

 I have shared the link over in google drive to your email address

I appreciate any help in this regards

Best Regards