[druid-user] Reques failed with status code 500

Hello, I am running a pipeline with Kafka - Druid - Superset and my Druid keeps getting the error “Request failed with status 500”. Running the “Druid Doctor” I get the following error.


Obvious question :
Is druid.sql.enable set to true in your brokers configs ?

Yes, i set druid.sql.enable=true in my env file, although I keep getting the error

A quinta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2021 à(s) 11:36:00 UTC, guillaume....@gmail.com escreveu:

Your cluster is running and datasource are created properly after Kafka ingestion, right ?

Are you able to query the data through Druid UI ?

If so, could you post your broker(s) logs after the Superset attempt ?