[druid-user] Some exception when using the HadoopDruidIndexer to ingest data

can you try metadataUpdateSpec type be “mysql” or “derby” etc instead of metadata like shown below…

“metadataUpdateSpec”: {
“type”: “mysql”,

– Himanshu

hi, I also have the same problem, if you have resolved it, could you post the resolution, thank you in advance.

在 2015年5月21日星期四 UTC+8下午10:15:11,Himanshu Gupta写道:

Hi, Jacky:

As Himanshu said, you can change metadataUpdateSpec type be “mysql”, if you are using mysql db to act as metadata storage.

在 2015年7月29日星期三 UTC+8下午1:13:22,Jacky Woo写道: