[druid-user] tasks status

Hey, Druid!

I performed the task of deleting unused segments but some status is WAITING and some is SUCESS.

I waited for an hour, but the task of status is WAITING remained unchanged.

Why does this happen? Is it because the amount of data is too large?

Hello! Are there any other tasks running for that datasource? It might be a locking issue.

Hi fengpy007,

Are you using the kill API for this? Which version?

I haven’t used the kill API directly and there is a version of it that is deprecated. This one: API reference · Apache Druid

It is my understanding that in the latest versions, the coordinator can take care of Unused segments automatically and it is controlled by the coordinator parameters (which you can find here Configuration reference · Apache Druid) :


That last one defines how many segments to delete at a time, I’m not sure, but could that be active and throttling the jobs?
Or like Mark says, is the system just busy and therefore not allocating worker slots for the kill tasks? I’m not sure whether they take less or more priority than other work.