[druid-user] Timeseries with nested GroupBy


I don’t think druid can currently support that.

– Himanshu

What is the SQL query you are trying to issue? I think the top level timeseries can be a groupBy with no dimensions which is the same as a timeseries query and we can support nesting that way.

The Sql would be something like

SELECT TOP(1) value1, timestamp from table groupby timestamp order by value1 (ASC | DESC)

And that for each timespan of the given granularity in the given interval

I installed Pivot and traced the queries who where generated :slight_smile: That helped alot!

Hi Matthias, you can also check out https://github.com/implydata/plyql

You can issue SQL-like queries with this tool and there is a verbose mode to print the native Druid query.