[druid-user] Upgrade druid from 0.9.0 to 0.22.1(latest version as of now)


I have very old version of druid .i.e., 0.9.0 in Production Environment. I need to upgrade it to latest version i.e., 0.22.1 without losing any data.
I am using MySQL for metadata storage and S3 for deep storage.
Can anyone help me on this?


Hi Manmohan,

It’s going to be best to check the release notes of the relevant intermediate versions. For rolling updates with no downtime, this doc recommends updating Druid processes in the following order:

  1. Historical
  2. *Overlord (if any)
  3. *Middle Manager/Indexers (if any)
  4. Standalone Real-time (if any)
  5. Broker
  6. Coordinator ( or merged Coordinator+Overlord)

The * refers to specific Kafka protocol changes and some changes to metadata formats which happened in 0.12.0.