/druid/v2/datasources/{dataSourceName} query interval

Hi guys,

I try to use pivot over the druid’s broker but the only data i have is pretty old.
I tried to /druid/v2/datasources/{dataSourceName} using curl and i don’t get nothing in dimensions and metrics returned. As i understood, i could provide an interval as get param. What’s the format of the interval param? Is it documented somewhere?

Also, i’ve found that i can provide the “`druid.query.segmentMetadata.defaultHistory” property. Where should i put it? in the broker’s properties file or as java -D param?

Thanks, Vadim.

I’ll answer to myself :slight_smile:

/druid/v2/datasources/impression?interval=2015-01-01/2015-12-12 worked OK for me. I thought the “/” char is not valid in the get param but it’s ok.

If there are different dimensions on different segments, will it merge all of them as result?

Hi Vadim,

Yes, the possibly different dimensions from the segments matching the specified interval will be merged in the result.

  • Jon