Duird cluster uinified-console.html access problem


I have set up a druid cluster with three computers and the druid version is 0.15 release version.

I have set up a master server, a data server and a query server.

When I try to access the druid management ui via query server with 8888 port, it just return an blank page without anything.

And the urls via query server console.html and index.html both works. Only the unified-console.html have the problem.

Cloud you give me some suggestion on this?

Thanks :slight_smile:



Do you have druid.port set to 8888 in router config?

Please check if router is running on the query node on 8888.

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Hi Venkat:

The druid port setting is ok. And both the overlord web UI & druid cluster data source web UI can access via query server with port 8888 using console.html & index.html.

Only the unified-console.html can’t access. And the druid v2 APIs works fine also.

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Thanks. Please check if browser Developer tool helps you in finding whats happening when the page is loaded.

Thank you very much. The attachment is the screenshot of the browser Developer. It seems not go through call the druid v2 apis, even I using curl command on the query server node it return the same thing.

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Hi Xian,

Were you able to figure out this issue?

I am having the same problem. I can access all the other consoles except for the unified-console.html.

When I try to open it, it shows me Request failed with status code 500 error.




Is your router process running well ?

Can you provide its logs ?

Hi Guillaume,

Yes, my router is running well.

I’ve attached the logs.

router.log (153 KB)

Hi Darshan,

No, have no idea on how to solve it still. Have you solve it?

Thanks and Best Regards,


Hi Xian,

Yes, I was able to solve it. I had made a silly error. My druid.host value on my query node was still set to localhost instead of the query server private ip address. Worked like a charm after updating it.



Hi Xian:

If the problem still persists, please check if command curl -ivL http://localhost:8888/status returns anything.

good luck

Do you actually see any part of UI or is it a white screen or the error? Check if the broker and router logs have no errors (change log level to debug btw)