Easy way of counting realtime thrownAway events

Hi guys,

Is there an easy way of counting realtime thrownAway events. A solution is to have a bash script that sums the values of “ingest/events/thrownAway” metrics from real-time log file. I suppose that a more elegant solution should exist.


Hey Vadim,

The best way to count Druid metrics is to use the bundled http emitter, or write your own emitter, to send metrics out from your cluster to a metrics collector. Some people use things like Graphite for this and some people use Druid itself (generally by way of a collector that writes metrics to Kafka, and then re-ingesting those metrics into Druid).

Any idea how to make it an idempotent operation? Any time i restart the real-time it will try to re-ingest the messages from kafka topic and will re-emit “thrownAway” for the messages out of windowPeriod. I would like to have the value of thrownAway messages by hour for instance. Is it possible?

Hi Vadim, if you emit these metrics to another collector, you should be able to run queries such as, “how many thrownAway events occurred every hour?”