Emitting metrics to one emitter and request logs to another

Hey all,

Is there a way to separate metrics and request logging by emitter? Specifically, I would like to log metrics to Statsd using the statsd emitter and log requests to Kafka using the Kafka emitter. However, it looks like both monitoring and request logging use the value of druid.emitter to determine which emitter to use.

Hi Julian,

You could check composing emitters and see if it can be of help:


Druid.emitter.composing.emitters=[“list of emitters”]

Thanks & Rgds


I don’t see a way to bifurcate metrics and request log emitting using composing emitters though, only how to send both metrics and request logs to multiple places.

We log metrics to an external system via http and we log request logs to file and an internal flavor of kafka. This is roughly what our configs look like.

druid.request.logging.loggerProviders=[{“type”:“file”, “dir”:"/logs/druid"}, {“type”:“kafka”}]


Hope this helps.