enable a segment thats been dropped from coordinator

I original had a load rule for 1month of segments, I increased it to 3months but when i query data still only getting 1 month worth of results.
How can i load segments from deepstorage that are no longer being loaded by the historical nodes?

I updated the used column in the metadata database but still on seeing 1 month’s worth of results.


Hi Pedro,

Did you delete the old load rule that has 1 month retention?

I updated the 1month rule. Do I have to delete the old rule and create a new one?

You can try that. Can you also verify coordinator_host:port/druid/coordinator/v1/rules is showing the rules you expect?

Thanks Bingkun
I checked the rule and it looks correct. i also removed them and added them back in.

Still not showing the 3 months of segments.

Im adding my rules to default

“_default”: [{“period”: “P3M”,“tieredReplicants”: {"_default_tier": 2},“type”: “loadByPeriod”},{“type”: “dropForever”}

hmm, looks like the old segments were disabled. You can send a post request to coordinator_host:port/druid/coordinator/v1/datasources/{dataSourceName} to enable those segments. See http://druid.io/docs/0.8.3/design/coordinator.html#post

You can also verify whether segments are disabled by checking mysql database. If the value of column “used” of a segment is “0”, that means it is disabled.

that worked. i got the old segment ids from the database and ran that post request to the coordinator