Error: I have no errors


I have 3 node setup for druid and it is consuming stream data. Everything was running fine until I added another stream to same Real-time node. Now real-time node is consuming all the incoming messages and also creating segments. All the segments are available in S3 also. But historical node had stopped downloading the segments.

Also, I am getting following error on druid Coordinator node.

io.druid.server.coordinator.helper.DruidCoordinatorRuleRunner - Uh… I have no servers. Not assigning anything…

2015-11-19T12:48:40,105 INFO [Coordinator-Exec–0] io.druid.server.coordinator.helper.DruidCoordinatorLogger - Load Queues:

2015-11-19T12:49:11,444 INFO [DatabaseRuleManager-Exec–0] io.druid.metadata.SQLMetadataRuleManager - Polled and found rules for 4 datasource(s)

2015-11-19T12:49:11,679 INFO [DatabaseSegmentManager-Exec–0] io.druid.metadata.SQLMetadataSegmentManager - Polled and found 264 segments in the database

I have done following steps to debug it:

  • Checked storage is not full
  • Checked historical node, there are no errors in log
  • All the segments are still loaded in Real Time Node
    Any help will be great.



Hi Navneet, does it work if you restart the historical node? It would appear there’s some connection problem talking to ZK preventing it from announcing itself. Are you using the same common config for both coordinator and historical?

Hello Yang,

Sorry was late reply. I have checked and verified the co-ordinator and historical node config files. Both are pointing to same ZK instance.

Hello Yang,

Found the issue, there was an issue in zookeeper druid.zk.paths.base.

Thanks a lot for your reply.