Error: Resource limit exceeded

hello. My druid version is 24.0.1.

If I query a large amount of data and put order by __time I get an error.

I want to import large amount of data without limit.

This is an example query.

select __time,1,2,3,4 from Table where 7=‘8’ and 9=‘10’ order by __time

The content of the error is as follows.

Error: Resource limit exceeded
Time ordering is not supported for a Scan query with 52 segments per time chunk and a row limit of 9,223,372,036,854,775,807. Try reducing your query limit below maxRowsQueuedForOrdering (currently 100,000), or using compaction to reduce the number of segments per time chunk, or raising maxSegmentPartitionsOrderedInMemory (currently 50) above the number of segments you have per time chunk.


I want to adjust maxRowsQueuedForOrdering, maxSegmentPartitionsOrderedInMemory, but I can’t find the config. Where can I change that item?
And what could be the cause of this error?

This error appears intermittently, wait a few minutes or hours to query again.