Error Timestamp loading data

Hello guys, I am trying to load data on Druid from a Topic in Kafka, but I can´t make that Druid timestamp column recgonizes my timestamp data column.

When i get to parsetime, Druid cant alocate my timestamp column where it should be.

My data timestamp format:

I think the auto detection does not like the single quotes that surround the timestamps, if you can change that (remove the single quotes) then it should work out of the box.
As an alternative you can use an expression on the source column. Assuming the column name is “ts”, here’s an expression that works:

timestamp_parse(concat(substring(“ts”,1,10), ’ ', substring(“ts”,12,8)))

which extracts date and time then concats to rebuild the timestamp in the form yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss and parses it.

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