{"error":"Unauthorized request.","errorMessage":null,"errorClass":null,"host":"devhcdl1.azure.ril.co

Hi Team,

I am getting attached screen short error while i am loading a json file into Druid.

[root@devhcdl1 keytabs]# curl -X ‘POST’ -H ‘Content-Type:application/json’ -d @/usr/hdp/

{“error”:“Unauthorized request.”,“errorMessage”:null,“errorClass”:null,“host”:“devhcdl1.azure.ril.com”}[root@devhcdl1 keytabs]#

I installed Druid in Hortenworks 3.0.1 Cluster. Druid version 0.12.1.

Please any one update me on this.

Added Coorinator Console and Overload Console.



Can any one help me on this, the Kerberos Cluster.

If you’re using curl to access a cluster with Kerberos authentication, you need to kinit first and then use the --negotiate flag in the curl command, please see http://druid.io/docs/latest/development/extensions-core/druid-kerberos.html for an example.

Hi Team,

Still i am getting same error after following below link . can any one please help me on this.



Hi Md :

Please show us the latest and full curl command and outputs.

The browser does not show any contents because you need to enable Kerberos on browsers as well, following this guide: https://ping.force.com/Support/%20PingFederate/Integrations/How-to-configure-supported-browsers-for-Kerberos-NTLM

BTW, you also need to run kinit first, then start browser as the same user.