Faster way to partially match URL

We save URL in Druid and trying to match that based on the url. However, we want to match that regardless of the hostname. The query takes around 700ms which I think it’s slow. Anyway to make it faster? The data is very small around 70MB.

“queryType”: “topN”,
“intervals”: [“2016-03-02T06:50:07.000Z/2016-03-02T19:17:16.658Z”],
“dataSource”: “firehose-web”,
“dimension”: “url”,
“threshold”: 1,
“metric”: “count”,
“filter”: {
“type”: “search”,
“dimension”: “url”,
“query”: {
“type”: “insensitive_contains”,
“value”: “
“granularity”: “all”,
“aggregations”: [{
“fieldName”: “count”,
“name”: “count”,
“type”: “longSum”


optimizing queries is a long discussion that I think it’ll be hard to find folks to dedicate the time to diagnosing just your issue. Yes it is possible to make things much faster.

You can also try for dedicated help